How to Survive Your First Salsa Dance Class

Dancing lessons are a good way to enhance the quality of your salsa dance. However, the first dance class may be a strange experience for which you should be adequately prepared in advance. Since it’s frustrating not being able to cope up, this article explores a few tips to help you survive your first salsa dance lessons. Continue reading to discover some helpful ideas to help you cope through your first dance class.

  1. Find out What to Wear

One of the biggest fears that starters harbor before they embark on dancing lessons is the baseless panic that they will look stupid. However, this false mentality is quite easy to overcome. Start by calling or emailing the trainer/instructor. Ask them to give you some ideas about the clothing to wear for your first Houston salsa lessons. If you do not have the kind of attire they recommend, request them to suggest other alternatives that you can easily acquire before the start of the dancing lessons.

  1. Watch Some Videos

Watching dance videos before your first dancing classes is also helpful. Watching such videos for a couple of days before the classes will habituate you to what happens on the very first day you attend a dance class. It will be very easy for you to identify some of the moves you saw in the video being repeated in the first dance class.

  1. Prepare Yourself for Failure

They say that you should hope for the best but at the same time prepare for the worst. Remember that failures make for good stories and no one ever became an expert dancer overnight. Just take it easy and do your best. Your trainers know that the first class is full of tension and will be readily willing to do their best to help you survive the first dance class experience. However, it is impossible for you to play it cool if you are not psychologically prepared for failure. Preparing for a few slip-ups gives the much-needed confidence to try your best and endure any embarrassing moments.

  1. Ask Questions after Class

Again, ask some important questions after the first dance class. However, avoid asking too many questions since there is no time for a mini-private lesson unless your instructor invites it. Asking at least a question after the very first lesson helps you personally connect with the instructor. The trainer will watch out for you more if you show interest in your lessons by being relevantly inquisitive. Ask a question that can be answered within a minute or so to avoid appearing boring to both the tutor and fellow students.

  1. Interact with Other Learners

Interacting with other learners in your class makes you feel more comfortable in their company. Since it is hard to perfect your salsa dance moves when nervous, socializing with your classmates gets you more relaxed and confident enough to practice challenging movements in their presence. Remember that you are all beginners and none of you is a master dancer – otherwise they would not have enrolled for the lessons in the first place.