Outdoor Activities : Shark Fishing

The  film Jaws inflicted a deep fear of sharks in the strong majority of Americans, but Fischer did not play shy a little shark fishing. But before you to this adventure of shark fishing on the open sea, there are some things you should know. Sharks of the high seas, because they are the ultimate predator. They never move and never heard on the lookout for the next meal. And they are not too picky about the bait that they eat, so most do not. This brings up an easy prey for fishermen game forms. If you’re a shark, looking for warm, not hot start, water. In the northern hemisphere, June is the perfect time for fishing for sharks.



Later in the summer it may become too warm for good fishing for shark. If you follow package for your trip that you need special equipment. They are more rods in coil, enough to take three to five baits in the water at once. You’ll be more than the stems need to be sure you can turn your equipment to keep several baits. Their role should be treated spinning in a position to 300-400 meters from the test at least 40 pounds. A heavy rod-share of 10 feet or more is what you need. ROD is the best rod class of 50-80 pounds. And you really want to have a harness and safety belts. Sharks are powerful creatures, and you do not really get on board and pulled the hook itself! The best bait is CHUM (all the TV shows lately?) And this is a big mess. Be prepared to make some pretty smelly, terrible things, if you want some serious shark fishing.

What types of sharks that you fish? Different types of swimming at different depths and temperatures. And, of course, they vary considerably in size and power. To trap a shark, you must put your bait first bow rail with a horizontal clip online. Keep the line of road lines to other owners of the rockets higher. Attach the bait and using a weight or balloon on the line, keeping the bait in about 80 meters deep. The bait on your second rod should be established for about 60 feet, and put the rod trolling in the media. Their third line would be placed about 30 meters deep, without using a weight or balloon, but the lure free. Make sure your movements are loose, so that the warning of the role that you hear when you get a bite too. Color code your balloons is a good way of knowing which prohibits action subjects. Once you connect your shark, be prepared for some hard work. Some species of sharks have different temperaments, but they will fight hard to free themselves from hooks. Sharks often draw their prey before swallowing, you may need to have a lot of line out, then they return to work slowly as you start in your role. Some sharks can run on your boat or in the opposite direction of your boat. Some are even close to your boat. Whatever they do is wear a good use for my safety.

Make sure your dishes safely and securely attached to the boat and your rod and reel. If you have moved closer to the shark to the boat, you probably need help. Hand-son of the shark in the boat. Son at hand are robust and are not likely to break, especially if they use or attached to your equipment. But be careful not to wrap the wire around the arm or hand, so you can release it quickly when you need it. If you keep your plan sharks have equipment on standby, you can gaff rope tail. Many shark species are now endangered on the high seas, so that only hold if your catch, they eat, or if you think you could create a world, intend to record a profit. If you want a trophy to take a picture of you return to your live sharks and then.



Shark fishing is an exciting adventure, but to kill the shark may not be the end of most leaders of the trip. If you are fishing for sharks are inexperienced, it’s a good idea to rely on the experience and advice provided by your captain shark fishing charter and crew. You learn a lot and gain valuable experience at the same time. You will also find a wealth of information on shark fishing on the Internet so that you do your homework. For a challenge, exciting adventure ready!